Digital Media Production.

We have been doing digital media production for the last 7 years. From graphic design to web design; from photography to filmmaking, we offer a wide range of services to  meet our clients needs.
Based in Maui, Hawaii, we also work worldwide with clients on the mainland, in France, Switzerland or Mexico - thanks to the magic of the internet!

A love for details.

Our focus is to make our clients happy and willing to come back to work with us. We have a passion for details and good looking designs, photographs and films. We believe that in design, beauty is essential to the eye.

Our founder and what our customers think about us.

Our priority: Make our customer happy


" Your patience and dedication is an inspiration, we can't thank you enough!"
"Nicely done!  I love it!  You are amazing! I am just so happy with our new website."
"Oh my gosh! Just sitting down and saw this! Totally exciting! Looks awesome. You da best!"
"Wow! Thank you! You have made all of us very happy."
"It's so wonderful! Thank you!"

Nathalie Vaglio

I am a French "and living in Hawaii" designer, photographer and filmmaker. Founder and creative director of Existence Design, I will be assisting you with your needs. Rich of 15 years of experience in project management I am focusing on developing sharp finished products for my clients. I manage a group of freelancers to make your ideas come  to life. I speak French, English and Spanish if that can help!
I am very much looking forward to working with you!
Aloha nui loa.